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Anaya, Mr. Jaime

Anaya, Mr. Jaime

Assistant Principal

An Elementary School Assistant Principal (A.P.) is an educational administrator who works alongside the school principal to oversee the daily operations and management of an elementary school. This role involves a combination of administrative, instructional, and student support responsibilities.

The Assistant Principal often collaborates with teachers to ensure the effective implementation of the school curriculum. The  A.P. is involved in curriculum development, classroom observations, and providing feedback to teachers to enhance instructional practices.

In terms of student discipline and behavior management, the Assistant Principal plays a vital role in enforcing school policies and addressing behavioral issues.Our A.P. works to create a positive and safe learning environment by implementing discipline procedures and fostering a positive school culture.

Additionally, the Assistant Principal is involved in various administrative tasks, such as scheduling, budgeting, and coordinating school events. Our A.P. collaborates with parents, attends meetings with the school district, and contributes to decision-making processes that impact the overall functioning of the school.

Overall, the role of our school Assistant Principal is multifaceted, encompassing elements of leadership, administration, and student support to ensure the smooth operation and success of the elementary school.

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