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Welcome to Valley View Elementary School!

🎓 Valley View Elementary stands tall as a proud participant in Alvord's Dual Language Immersion program! 🌐 We're honored to be one of only two elementary schools in the district offering this enriching experience! 🏫✨


Valley View is more than just a school; we're an AVID Elementary School! 📚🌟 We are dedicated to instilling essential academic habits in our students to pave the way for their success throughout their educational journey! 🚀💡


Valley View's commitment to excellence shines bright! ⭐️ Through rigorous academic programs 📚 and a diverse range of extracurricular activities 🎨, we provide our students with a well-rounded educational experience! 🌟🎓


At Valley View, we emphasize the SAIL values for our students:

  • Safe Choices: Creating a secure and supportive environment.
  • Acting Respectfully: Fostering a culture of mutual respect.
  • Intentional Kindness: Encouraging thoughtful and compassionate interactions.
  • Leading Responsibly: Instilling a sense of responsibility and leadership.

Join us at Valley View Elementary School, where students are set on a course for excellence!


Latest News

📢 Stay connected with important updates using the ParentSquare app! 📱


As a district, we rely on ParentSquare for effective communication. We encourage all parents to download the app on their phones, granting easy access to district-wide and school-specific posts.

With ParentSquare, you can directly message teachers, the counselor, the principal, and more. 📰Families also stay informed about the latest happenings at Valley View by reading the school principal's newsletter (shared through ParentSquare) for each month. 🗓️

Below is a glimpse of recent ParentSquare posts as well a link to our monthly Principal’s Newsletters. 

📰 Next Week News: May 6-10

Please 📲follow us on social media (@ausdvalleyview) for pictures, videos, and highlights of our week! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos too! Within this post: 🔗Día del Niño Performanc . . . Read More

Valley View May Newsletter/Boletín de mayo de Valley View

Hello families, We hope that you enjoy our May Newsletter. Valley View May Newsletter Hola familias, Esperamos que disfrute de nuestro boletín de mayo. Boletín de mayo de Valley View . . . Read More


“Every Student.  By Name.”


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