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Our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

AUSD Elementary Counseling Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the AUSD elementary school counseling program is to foster a safe and nurturing community with high expectations, and to ensure equitable learning for every student. We focus on the development of academic, social/emotional, and college/career readiness to prepare students to attain individual paths to success and a lifetime of personal growth.


Vision Statement

The vision of the AUSD Elementary School Counseling program is to empower every student to achieve their version of success through robust social-emotional and academic development. We imagine a future where our students embody confidence, empathy, and resilience, excelling academically and navigating life's challenges with determination. Our approach is data-driven, ensuring personalized support and leading to increased academic achievement, improved well-being, and lifelong learning. This vision is bold, achievable, and grounded in the belief that every student can thrive.

Valley View Counseling Beliefs

  1. Belief in Student Potential: Our School Counseling Program is grounded in the belief that all students possess the capacity to achieve their unlimited potential.

  2. Meeting Developmental Needs: We are committed to facilitating each student's development across academic, social/emotional, and college and career domains through tailored interventions and support.

  3. Advocacy for Every Student: We advocate for every student within our diverse student body, ensuring their unique needs and experiences are recognized and addressed.

  4. Involvement of Stakeholders: Collaboration with the community, parents, school staff, and stakeholders is integral to planning, managing, delivering, and evaluating our counseling program activities.

  5. Data-Informed Decisions: We utilize comprehensive, data-driven approaches to inform our counseling program decisions, ensuring effectiveness and responsiveness to student needs.

  6. Ethical Standards in Practice: Our school counselors adhere to ethical standards that guide their work, ensuring safety, accountability, goal achievement, and respect for students and others.