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Jaime, Mrs. Janea

Jaime, Mrs. Janea

School Counselor

Greetings! My name is Janea Jaime, and I am honored to serve as the School Counselor at Valley View Elementary School. With a rich background in mental health, in 2014 I transitioned from my role as a Marriage and Family Therapist, a profession I've been dedicated to since 2006, to embark on a fulfilling journey within Alvord Unified School District.

As the School Counselor, my primary focus is on fostering the emotional, social, and academic well-being of the students at Valley View Elementary. I am committed to creating a nurturing environment that supports each child's unique journey through their formative years. My role involves providing guidance and counseling to students, assisting them in navigating the various challenges they may encounter during their educational experience.

Some key aspects of my responsibilities as an elementary school counselor include:

  1. Classroom Guidance: Conducting classroom presentations to address topics such as bullying prevention, study skills, and emotional regulation, contributing to the overall well-being of the school community.

  2. Group Counseling: Facilitating group sessions to address common issues and create a supportive community for students facing similar challenges.

  3. Individual Counseling: Offering one-on-one counseling short-term sessions to address personal and emotional concerns, providing a safe space for students to express themselves. As well as connecting students and their families to resources within our community to meet their needs.

  4. Crisis Intervention: Responding to and managing crisis situations that may impact the well-being of students, collaborating with staff and parents to ensure a comprehensive support system.

  5. Collaboration with Teachers and Parents: Working closely with teachers and parents to create a holistic support system, ensuring a unified approach to the well-being and success of each child.

My passion lies in empowering young minds to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and thrive academically and emotionally. By combining my experience in mental health with my dedication to the educational field, I aim to contribute positively to the growth and development of the students at Valley View Elementary School. Together with the school community, I am committed to fostering an environment that nurtures not just academic achievement but also the holistic well-being of every student.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling the school, sending a message through ParentSquare, or clicking on the link below.

11750 Gramercy Pl.
Riverside, California  92505

Work Phone: