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📰 Next Week News: May 6-10

Posted Date: 5/03/24 (8:00 PM)

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Within this post:

🔗Día del Niño Performances Link - Miss them? Click the link to view!

👩‍🏫Teacher Appreciation Week - For all staff!

📅Mental Health Awareness Month

🔬Current 4th Grade: Science Camp Update - Spots Filled, Waitlist Open!

♻️Bottle Recycling Fundraiser for Science Camp

🌟PTO General Meeting Information and Zoom Link

🌟PTO Board Elections- Candidate Information

🦸DLI Community Night

🏃NEW! Turn it Up Tuesday - Every Tuesday

🏃Every Friday- Fitness Friday for the Whole Family!

⌚️Every Tuesday - Minimum Day (Set Your Alarm & Mark Your Calendars)

This upcoming week (May 6-10) is a perfect time to show our teachers and aids how much we appreciate all of their dedication to our kids! PTO has organized a wonderful week of appreciation. Please see the flier for more information. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and one fundamental aspect of mental health is knowing how to identify and manage feelings. Here are some key points to consider when helping children to identify their feelings. 

Acknowledge Feelings: Let your child know it’s okay to have different feelings. 
Listen Carefully: Pay attention when your child talks about their emotions without judging or dismissing them. 

Label Emotions: Use simple words like happy, mad, angry, or frustrated to help them recognize how they feel. 

Encourage Expression: Support them in expressing their feelings through words, drawings, or talking to you.

Model Healthy Expression: Show how to handle emotions calmly and positively.

Create a Safe Space: Make sure your child feels comfortable sharing their feelings with you without fear or criticism. 

Seek Help if Needed: If your child struggles with emotions, explicitly teach them that it is a sign of strength to ask for help, not a sign of weakness. Consider talking to a professional for guidance.

🔬 2024-25 Science Camp Update: Spots Filled, Waitlist Open! 🔬

For incoming 5th Grade Students Only

Wow! The response to our Science Camp sign-up has been incredible! 🌟 Our available spots have filled up faster than we anticipated, but don't worry if you missed out! We've got a waitlist ready to roll! 🌈

If you haven't secured your child's spot yet, fear not! You can still join our waitlist by submitting a deposit of $50. The sooner we reach 15-20 people on the waitlist, the faster we can request more spots from the Science Camp! 🚀

Here's the scoop: If you're on the waitlist and don't manage to snag a guaranteed spot, don't sweat it! Your deposit will be refunded. 💰 But let's work together to make sure everyone who wants to go can join in the fun! 🎉

Hurry and secure your spot on the waitlist today! 📋 Drop us a message if you're interested or have any questions. Let's make this Science Camp an unforgettable adventure for all our incoming 5th graders! 🌟

Join us for our final general PTO meeting of the year where we'll be voting for the new board members for next year! Your participation and vote are crucial in shaping our PTO leadership. Whether you join us virtually or in person, your voice matters! Let's come together to support our school community and elect the leaders who will guide our PTO next year. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here for the zoom link.

Below are the dedicated individuals running for board member positions:

Mark your calendar for our DLI Community night!
Join us every Tuesday, from 1:00 - 1:20pm for “Turn it up Tuesday!”.
This is a perfect opportunity to help your child get their wiggles out after school, while earning miles towards their 100 mile goal!

We would love to see you on Fridays! Bring the whole family and join us for our Fitness Friday!

A friendly reminder to set your alarms on Tuesdays for early dismissal!